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Anyone with the slightest sweet tooth is bound to love cake. Cupcakes certainly have made their presence felt with the ongoing interest in all things vintage. Of course programmes like the Great British Bake Off have also helped to make cake more popular and yummier than ever.

Brownies have naturally become favorites too. No, not the female version of the scouts, but those small, oblong chocolate cake, that usually have something ladened with temptation in them. Be it nuts, fruit, or even alcohol.

Beeston now has its very own brownie making enterprise in the form of the Beeston Brownie Company, which is based in a private house, close to the railway station.


The BBC is owned by Paula and Vic Roberts and began life in April this year. Vic used to be a baker for Tesco’s, but up until recently worked in the fire and intruder alarm industry. He first had the idea of taking up baking again back in February, when he mysteriously said to wife Paula; an administrator at the QMC, that he had ‘an exciting idea’, but didn’t tell her what it was.

His first attempt wasn’t very successful, as he forgot to take his wallet, when he went shopping for the ingredients he required!

But Vic persevered, and after trying out different recipes on their family, they took the plunge and rented a stall at the Trinity Square market. It was a varied success, but it spurred them on to do a few farmers’ markets, including the monthly ones in Beeston and in the Park Estate. West Bridgford recently got the opportunity of tasting their wonderful wares. A real boon for the couple is that they’ve now been asked to appear at next year’s Nottingham Food and Drink Fair.

Vic bakes every day. He has to, now that orders are coming in thick and fast. They started to trickle in, but now word has got round through social media that everyone wants a bite of the cherry brownie. The Treatment Centre at the QMC takes ten trays (100 brownies) a week, and they’ve just started supplying Chimera, the games and comic shop situated on the High Road. This will please Robin Hood Tim, as he’ll be able to munch on a Rocky Road whilst killing aliens!

There are currently 18 varieties of brownie available, and are made with free range eggs and 70% Belgian chocolate for that luxurious, melt in the mouth taste. Some varieties are available as gluten & dairy free. Rudyards Tea House is a good place to get these.  Salted caramel is presently the most requested flavour.

As the festive season is soon upon us, I asked the couple if they were going to release a special flavour Christmas. They were working on a couple of ideas. One has now been created in the form of a cranberry and orange brownie. This and all the others are available to order from their website, and they also take telephone orders. Boxes of assorted brownies are dispatched using Royal Mail. So there’s no need for your Auntie Ethel in Sheffield, or best friend in Cornwall to miss out on these treats. Free local delivery is available too. As the business is now doing so well, the couple are looking at moving out of their tiny kitchen and into a proper working space, so that more cakes can be produced at a time.

If you want to look at the flavours available and order some for presents. Much tastier than a pair of socks, then do have a look at their website:

Alternatively, make friends with them on Facebook, or just give them a call on 07914 965499.

Christopher Frost

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