Issue 53: Gossip from the Hivemind

It’s often through tragedy that you appreciate stuff you otherwise may have taken for granted.


The awful death of 12-year old Owen Jenkins, who fell into the weir and drowned after successfully rescuing other children, has had exactly that effect. Beestonians rallied together to ensure Owen’s friends and family were supported, and his memory marked appropriately. None of this will bring the lad back, of course, but it touched the hearts of the whole town to see the outpouring of goodwill in the face of such a devastating event.


Funds were raised to cover the funeral –over £10,000 as we went to press. A 1,000 convoy of bikers paid their respects with a memorial ride between The Beekeeper and the weir. Purple ribbons appeared all over town. Plans for a permanent memorial, perhaps a tree, are being planned for the weir. It all goes to show that Beeston is not just a town, it’s a community. We’re honoured to be part of it.


More community action in evidence as Network Rail withdrew their plans to close three paths across the rails, effectively making Attenborough Nature reserve difficult to access for many Beestonians. It’s rare to get such a good result so soon, but again it is all down to the sterling work done by many people miffed at the closures. Network Rail will instead put in safety features across the line. Result!


Now, let’s get the threat of fracking sorted…


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