Buzzword: A Poem For Beeston Winner (Under 16s)

What do you see? 

When you look at Beeston, what do you see?
I see a kind community,
A diverse group of people,
All being friendly.

I see a handy, handful of shops,
Sometimes selling things you
didn’t know you needed,
Or something you want but can’t find,
To buy some strawberries you will be pleaded.

I see an arty, army of artists,
Ready to take on Paint a Pot,
Always getting a glossy coat,
But watch out, the kiln can be hot.

I see a busy, bustle of builders,
Rushing to finish the trams,
Having a coffee and an egg cob at breaks,
The tram weighs a few thousand kilograms.

I see a meaningful, mob of musicians,
Ready to show off their confidence,
Blocking out any bad comments,
Just wanting to make a difference.

Now go back to the question,
When you look at Beeston, what do you see?
I hope this poem has changed your mind,
Because I hope you see the same as me.

Ava Waring (aged 12)

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