Is it a sign?

We spot some strange signage near the station…

I’ve long suspected that Beeston is a special place, different in a good way. On the surface seems kind of average and ‘normal’, whatever that is. Yet most of us know that it is a great place to live, diverse and interesting, with all sorts going on that you don’t have to look hard for.

I have often wondered if there are hidden and not-so-hidden ways of indicating this, perhaps instigated by philanthropic souls wanting to attract like-minded people to settle in the area. Visible yet innocent markers, in the same vein as architectural features you would find on houses owned by those sympathetic to the Catholic cause during their persecution, which contain priest holes and suchlike.

Which leads me on to something which at face value, the vast majority of people will never have noticed – the railway station signs on Station Road opposite the Rockaway Hotel.

At first glance they just appear ordinary. Yet to someone like me, who as a child used to spend hours drawing trains in detail, what jumps out is that the logo itself is back to front. The top line runs right to left, rather than the opposite.



I’m not someone who travels widely to inspect railway station signage, but having previously worked in a job that took me to every corner of the country, a non-standard railway station logo is something I’ve never seen before. It’s the kind of thing that would get picked up on by clipboard-ticking local authority highways inspectors, who would swiftly get the red pen out to mark this particular item of street furniture as not compliant.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, and the signage was simply applied by a carefree and unsupervised YTS lad. Which was then signed off by a previously scrupulous council bod on his last day before retirement, in a fit of anarchic glee.

Or it could simply be the work of aliens, pointing the way for UFOs to land on the empty car park opposite where the Plessey club used to stand. I’ll leave you to make your own minds up.

The signs are looking well past their best now, grimy and worn, and will no doubt be replaced at some point in the future. Chances are they will be brought into standard line, along with everywhere else in the country. I like to think that someone, somewhere, would ensure that the new ones are back to front too, continuing the mystery, indicating that Beeston is…something.


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