Our proud Town Hall is at risk: time to get rid of something else instead?

Photo credit: Stephen Miles

80–odd years ago the people of Beeston decided that they needed a proper civic building, and as such called in an architect with a flair for art-deco who whipped up a fine building that Beeston could be proud of. As Beeston went through decades of changes in both character, demographic and political leadership the hall has been a constant. Thousands of town-changing decisions have been made in its debating chamber, marriages conducted, celebrations held. It’s part of our history. Heck, even Wikipedia deems it the most iconic thing in Beeston and uses it as its main image on its entry for the town.

So why is it now in danger of demolition?

As always, money. The current administration claim it simply isn’t worth keeping any more, and want to make a quick buck on a sale. Rumours of a shonky developer waiting in the wings are rife, so a quick sale would be a hard injection of cash. “Old buildings or services?” crows council leader, Richard Jackson. “It’s that simple a choice.”

To which we at The Beestonian reply, while smacking our heads against a brick wall, “No, no it’s not. Your failure to run a council well has led to a financial nightmare.” And then we will pull out details of a current scandal rocking the council, which is costing hundreds of thousands of YOUR council tax in legal fees and temporary staff, and point out it is THAT which is blowing a hole in the finances, not a piece of Beeston’s civic pride. We’d put the whole story here, but it would take the whole mag – check out our sister blog, for the details.

We are facing the loss of the Town Hall due to an entirely avoidable, utterly self-inflicted wound. Perhaps the much fairer path would be to preserve the Town Hall, and get rid of the entirely inept Council Leadership before it’s not just the Town Hall, but every paving stone and local park they can find a buyer for. Save Beeston Town Hall!


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