Town Hall in Virtual Reality Shoe Takeover

Venture capitalists with an interest in footwear to turn threatened Town Hall into a cutting edge venture.

Fed up Beestonians are rejoicing in the news that a footwear cyber-retailer will soon be opening their doors in the town.

Nottingham University Technology Society have teamed up with venture capitalists New Opportunities for Buying Shopping, to create a state-of-the-art environment for trying on shoes, despite them not holding any stock whatsoever.

The new store, named ‘Vir-Shu-Al Reality’ looks set to open within the Town Hall on Foster Avenue, just as soon as the current council administration can sell it off. It is hoped that they will operate from a small office inside the iconic building.

Not much is space will be needed because the entire shopping experience will be virtual, thanks to cutting edge technology developed by university boffins. Chief Executive Chelsea Heale explains the concept:

“We are offering customers the chance to browse a range of literally thousands of styles from hundreds of brands, all through a futuristic yet available now headset. Simply put it on, and you will find yourself in the world’s largest shoe shop. You don’t even have to get up off the chair, as all the stock will roll past on a virtual conveyor belt.”

“Not only that, you can even ‘try’ on the shoes thanks to a footwear simulator which was developed by NASA. This is fitted with reactive sensors and superbly accurate pressure pads which shape around the foot exactly as the chosen footwear does.”

Chelsea explains that the simulator amazingly generates the pinching pain of high heels, creates the imbalance of platforms, and the ankle wobble associated with flimsy Ugg boots and their cheap imitations.

Vir-Shu-Al Reality hope to open branches throughout the UK if their Beeston store proves successful. They have chosen the town to host the pilot store because of perceived demand from local residents.

Sue Horn from Chilwell is delighted at the prospect: “I know there are several places to buy footwear in Beeston, and dozens more very close by in Nottingham, but I do think that there should something that caters to my every whim.”

If council leaders get their way, the Town Hall could see the store open within months.

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