Spring is (finally) here

Beeston survived the Beast From The East; The Mini-Beast From the East; and then the Least of the Beasts Hitting Beeston at Easter (try saying that after a few Crown ales), and it is now officially SPRING.

Yes, Beestonians can now be fined if they are seen wearing more than two layers while out shopping, and the pied wagtails fly off to be replaced by martens and swifts. Things are definitely brighter at Beestonian HQ, with news that we have received a chunk of investment to expand this humble free-sheet into something utterly unique, a proper community resource which will be reaching more parts of Beeston, more frequently. Follow our Facebook page and check our website for up to the minute news on how this will manifest.

Beeston stands at a crossroads right now, with the game-changing Phase 2 Square Development, and changes in retail patterns moving the town more towards service: restaurants, pubs and suchlike. The impact of the University of Nottingham, our next door neighbours, continues to be felt in Beeston in ever-changing ways.

We recognise that Beeston is an ever changing thing, a constantly developing town. If that is to be a success it needs a town with a strong community, and a strong community needs a means to get to know itself: providing that is our ongoing mission. If you want to be part of this beyond reading this issue, get in touch. And yes. We still are going to be absolutely free to pick up.

So what glories await you should you skip this bit and dive into this mag? We have a 20 page special for you, with stories on Beeston’s most successful sports club; the Green Man of Beeston; How to Spring Clean and get fit, some etymological entomology on the meaning of Beeston; and much much more.

Use the Current Issue tag for all the stuff you can find in our latest edition.


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