Experiencing lockdown as a 12 year-old

With the Coronavirus spreading like a wildfire, the UK was put under lockdown restrictions with millions staying at home and Beeston is no exception. Following this announcement, schools were closed, and many pupils were sent home but what have they been up to?

Well, I can’t really tell you what the 1000 plus students at my school got up to during their quarantine time but I can tell you what I did!

Most of my time under quarantine is spent at home doing quite a wide variety of things including schoolwork.

If I’m not at home I’ve been at school two days a week as my parents are both key workers. At school, we tend to do all the work in the sixth form block computer room. In there we use Google Classrooms which is a platform where teachers assign tasks, and we must respond to them by attaching a Word document. What I like about it is that the teachers can respond to our work and mark it via email. I much prefer having a real human in the room though.

At school, there was only about 10 of us, and we sometimes got an extra bit of break to play football or hide and seek if it was raining. The sixth form building is great for hide and seek.

“I think we could all learn something from this lockdown even though it has often been super boring!”

In terms of communicating I often Whatsapp or email my friends, and on Friday nights I join the Beestonian Publess Quiz on Zoom (I really recommend it!) Since the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions have been partially lifted, I have seen some friends whilst following the social distancing guidelines.

When I’m at home I’m also learning new things. A few weeks ago I painted the back garden fence and I have tried several new recipes. I think we could all learn something from this lockdown even though it has often been super boring!


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