Halcyon Days

Remembering and celebrating events of the past is something we do often at Friday Club, we look at old photographs and watch video footage of Goose Fairs and other local events of the past, getting lost in memories of halcyon days gone by.

Recently we were remembering the Plessey Gala Day and members described fondly the rivalry of the inter-factory running races, the beauty competitions, various themed tents, and all the fun of the fair. They laughed when remembering the minor celebrities that would open the event. One year (we reckon in the early 1980’s) the famous Grand National winning race horse Red Rum made a guest appearance. They described gala day as “really exciting” with hundreds going, “it was always hot and sunny”.

Brenda remembered the wild boar roast on a spit. When asked if she had any, she said “No, I was too busy watching out for my four kids!”. She also described her sister Joyce, being crowned the first Beeston Beauty Carnival Queen. When asked if she was ever crowned the Beeston Queen, she laughed and said “nah, I was the youngest, I was just the Squirt of the family”.

Whilst most remembered the Plessey gala day fondly, a couple were more reflective saying that it was a bit ‘clicky’ and they often felt excluded from the fun if they weren’t part of certain crowd. Being ‘clicky’ is something that the Beeston Carnival could never be accused of, always a lovely day to be enjoyed by all. Sadly COVID 19, has led to the unavoidable cancellation of the Beeston Carnival for a second year.  

As a result of the disappointment of no carnival, and the lack of community events over the last 14 months, Beeston Rylands Community Association have decided to create its own outdoor gala event. The event will be held on Sunday 25th July at 12pm. 

We wanted to harness the remarkable resilience of the community and have something positive and fun to focus on as we finally (and hopefully) evolve out of restrictions. 

The day will be based at the community center and the surrounding fields and will host local charities and entertainment, food, and fun (Covid restrictions permitting). We might not be able to recreate the famous Plessey Gala Day, or provide a celebrity race horse to open proceedings, but we’ll have our very own Beeston Dog Show, and a variety of other things for everyone to get involved with and have a bit of fun.  

Perhaps one thing that can be taken from last year of uncertainty is that us humans cannot thrive in isolation, and that we are healthier and happier when we are able to connect and move forward as a whole. This is an event for everyone and we’re therefore open to suggestions from all members of the community, and if anyone is interested in having a stall, please contact Amanda–Claire- acemillington@gmail.com.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine in July!


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