A few months ago, I was sitting minding my own business in one of my favourite Beeston coffeeshops – Greenhood – when I overheard the woman in the booth next to me interviewing a string of candidates for an up and coming restaurant opening soon. My ears pricked up. I didn’t manage to gauge many details of exactly what or where this mystery venue was, but by the sounds of it, it was going to be grand. I quickly forgot about my snooping endeavours. It wasn’t until, fast forward a few months, and myself and John, our editor, were very kindly invited to an opening of a new Italian restaurant in the heart of Beeston, that I put two and two together.

Set next to the shining new Arc cinema, Ottimo presents itself as a contemporary Italian serving classic dishes with modern twists. Walking into the space I was immediately struck by its style; minimalistic but polished. Sweeping back, the area is extremely open and modern, but without feeling void of character. With an exposed ceiling, a simple décor, and soft lighting, Ottimo has a contemporary and laid-back vibe, which is sure to attract an eclectic audience here in Beeston. It seems like the kind of place you could equally enjoy a sit-down meal, or just a few drinks and nibbles – it’s versatile enough to fulfil all your dining needs. Coming in at the slightly higher end of the price range, Ottimo does feel more exclusive than your average local Italian, but, it remains authentic and perfect for those more special occasions.

The food itself is also reflected in the classic feel of the restaurant. Through the evening we enjoyed a spaghetti bolognaise and mushroom tagliatelle, both of which were very well presented and much enjoyed! The food is authentic, and as described by the owners, it is “honest and wholesome”. It had the feel of homemade food, but the quality of which something I could never replicate – which is exactly what you want when dining out! Their menu includes enough experimental dishes for customers to push the boat out a little, but still has many of the classics you’d expect to find at an Italian. There’s something for everyone!

Ottimo is definitely hitting a gap in the Beeston market, it’s elegant but intimate, and provides a nice change from the regular local restaurants that we’re all well acquainted with. If you’re looking for great Italian food and a premium experience, I would highly recommend giving Ottimo a try!