For around a decade Broxtowe has celebrated the achievements of several influential local people that resided in the borough sometime in the rich history. As well as famous names such as Thomas Barton, Richard Beckinsale and Sid Standard boldly embossed on the bright blue enamelled discs, we have plaques that mark auspicious events such as the Chilwell Explosion of 1918 and to recognise places of historical significance like Beeston Station which was originally opened in 1839.

We are proud of our plaques. They are the result of the dedication of a team of volunteers, a collaboration between representatives from the local historical societies and Beeston Civic Society and the trail took six years to complete. Our plaques are blue to tie-in with the tradition which began in London in 1901 as it was felt the colour complimented the red bricks of the city. Nevertheless, since our last blue plaque was installed in 2015 it has become apparent that none of them are dedicated to women.

To remedy this, Beeston Civic Society launched their ‘Lady Plaques’ campaign on International Women’s Day on March 8th of this year as part of their 50th Anniversary Celebrations. It was a call to action for locals to nominate ‘historical women who lived, worked and quietly achieved things in our district.’ Tamar Feast tells us “The inaugural plaques that will be installed in 2023 will be red to commemorate the 50th year of the society.”

They have already uncovered some excellent examples of women who contributed significantly to education, health and politics. And whilst some of them may have lived here too far in the past for us to have knowledge of them, Dr Winifred Alice Melland Thompson, the first female GP in Beeston died in 1990 so some Beeston residents may remember her and her practice at Oban House where she lived and worked for nearly forty years.

If you would like to learn more about the Lady Plaque initiative or you know of someone you feel is worthy of recognition, then head on over to the Beeston Civic Society website – they would love to hear from you!