In the culinary landscape of Beeston, where dining options abound, Bistro 66 emerges as a reliable choice, offering a pleasant escape in the heart of the town.

My recent visit came about unexpectedly, as our initial dinner plans took an unexpected turn. Some places were out the window (like The Frustrated Chef or Cafe Roya), but Beeston Social, Anatolia and Bistro 66 jumped to mind as having room for walk-ins and we found ourselves in the capable hands of Bistro 66, for a relaxed and drama-free evening .

Arriving at 18:30 on a Thursday, we were greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant, adorned in warm tones and wood accents is unpretentious and comfortable. With only a few occupied tables, the ambiance was perfect for a leisurely catch-up among friends, made even more enjoyable by the unobtrusive background music.

The extensive menu at Bistro 66 caters to diverse tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. As we perused the offerings, my attention was momentarily diverted by the enticing display of cakes at the counter – a temptation for a future visit.

We immediately got deep into conversation whilst our waitress bought the menus, so much so we had to ask for more time a few times before we finally made our choices. Sat in the middle of the restaurant the pizza oven really catches your eye and a solo diner (always a good sign that people feel comfortable) near us had a beautiful, bursting at the crust pizza arrive. This caused an eruption of “oohs” and “ahhs” from our table and a revisit to the menu ensued.

We at least managed to settle on the wine, a bottle of white for the table. The wine menu is very affordable, I think the most pricey being around £30. I have to be honest, as a wine lover this then made me automatically pick the most expensive, but perhaps that’s good menu psychology!

Despite the distraction of the pizza, one diner mentioned having the souvlaki before and liking it. I was a little worried as it was the only Greek item on the menu with the rest of the menu having more of an Italian vibe, with pasta, salads and burgers… well let’s say world food flavours. I guess variety is the spice of life!

I digress! We all decided to have the souvlaki to prevent mass meal envy (being jealous of someone else’s dinner choice) with one halloumi, one chicken and one falafel between us. For the indecisive there is a ‘hesitator’ plate, giving you a mix of halloumi and chicken.

The portions are big and hearty. It is mostly a plate of delicious carbs, lovely flatbread, which I think is charred in the pizza oven, crispy hot chips, tzatziki and a side salad with your choice of topping. The food came fast and hot, and the conversation flowed easily over the food. It was the perfect meal to catch up over, reliable and tasty. That being said the falafel left me somewhat disappointed. They seemed more akin to commercial, frozen alternatives with an excess of sweetcorn, reminiscent of veggie burgers from my college days.

Nevertheless, the other choices, especially the halloumi, proved to be enjoyable and well worth the visit. My falafel experience shouldn’t deter you from exploring Bistro 66; simply choose an alternative from the diverse menu. With intriguing options like a veggie burger and numerous vegetarian choices, Bistro 66 remains a solid and affordable dining option in Beeston.

Whether you seek a laid-back meal with good company, have young diners in tow, or simply crave a delicious pizza, Bistro 66 delivers. I’m already looking forward to returning, perhaps to sample their brunch and enjoy Beeston’s vibrant outdoor atmosphere during the summer months.



66 High Road
Beeston, Nottinghamshire


Tel:: 0115 967 7779