Advertising Prices

  1. We’re very cost effective! See below for prices…
  2. We’re not like other local magazines. While they sprinkle a few items of interest around a sea of advertising, we do the opposite, and feature advertising sparingly. This greatly affects its visibility and impact. It also means people actually read the ad, as we strive to provide highly-readable, fascinating and diverse content.
  3. We are quite picky. We owe it to our readers to make sure we don’t promote stuff we don’t believe in: we’ve been present in Beeston for over ten years and have built a reputation for honesty, celebrating only the stuff we truly feel deserving of being celebrated. If you’re advertising with us, it means you have The Beestonian seal of approval.
  4. We can provide a bespoke service:  As we feature advertising sparingly, we want to build a working relationship with you to ensure you prosper – after all, if you thrive you’re more likely to keep advertising! As well as featuring your ad, we can provide a cost-effective design service to ensure you’re looking your best in public.
  5. We’ll give you an online boost: Book an ad with us, and get two free Facebook posts on our highly popular Facebook page. This provides tremendous reach, with an audience of 5,000 Beestonians who Like and Follow the page – and up to 500,000 on occasion when a post goes viral.
  6. Our audience – your potential customers – are great: Our audiences range from students recently arrived in town, to readers who have lived on the same street for decades. They pick up copies of the magazine in pubs, cafes, libraries, shops, and at events, guaranteeing that they are people who like to spend. They also feel part of the community, and are more likely to want to shop local.
  7. We’re beautiful. We really are. No one likes a boaster, but we can’t help it. Unlike other local magazines, which often go straight from letterbox to recycling bin, The Beestonian is a prized object that stays with the reader for a much longer period of time, giving greater exposure to your advertisement.
  8. We’re breaking the publishing rules, and want you to be part of that: Print media has been suffering for many years as more and more papers and magazines close down. We launched The Beestonian to counter that: bringing volunteer writers, designers, and photographers together to make a true community magazine with content as strong as any national publication. We think we’ve succeeded, and your advertising will not only help us keep running, but allow us to pay our brilliant writers and help us grow with you into an essential part of the wonderful community that is Beeston.

The Beestonian has a physical circulation of 2,000, with a readership much greater than that due to being distributed in shops, pubs, cafes, libraries etc. where it will be re-read. We have an ever-expanding list of distributors throughout Beeston, Attenborough, Chilwell and Nottingham city centre, available on request. We also have a popular website which features extra content, and use digital publishing platform Issuu for an interactive magazine reading experience.

The Beestonian is, and always will be, independent, community-led, and free.

Advertising Prices