Kai-Otee Wild by Lulu Davenport

Coo eeeeee!!! Mon mini petit pois!! Happy New Year, Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day and even Happy 40th Birthday to Claire! Cuz I am too cheap to buy a card, welcome to the ‘back hurts club’ lovely!

Anyhoo this issue I chat to a local band Kai-Otee about all things Beestony, musicy and anything in between! Pour yourself a glass of something yummy and stick ya reading peepers on…

L.D: (That’s me stands for Loony Doll, Lightly Disintegrating or Lulu Davenport). Hi, and welcome to Beeston Beats! Wait a min, you look a tad familiar, have I finally lost my marbles or have our paths crossed before?

A: (Aaron)They certainly have, although we’ve probably got less hair on our heads and more on our chins now! A few years back we interviewed with our band Lilac Grove and now we’re trying something a little bit different as a duo with our band Kai-Otee.

L.D: What is your inspiration behind the name?

A: It came about after a heated debate on how to pronounce Coyote, we liked the look of it spelt out and most importantly, the name wasn’t taken.

L.D: How does Kai-Otee differ from Lilac Grove?

A: Kai-Otee is a brand-new platform to experiment with different sounds. We’ve got backing tracks with synths, electronic drums, strings, brass instruments, which gives a different spin to the alt/rock four-piece style.

L.D: Are Lilac Grove still in operation?

A: Very much so, we’ve got gigs booked in throughout 2024 and we’re working on new songs at the moment. It’s all on our social media @‌lilacgroveband

L.D: Who are your musical influences and your absolute fave band or performing artist of all time?

A: We’re really into our high energy, distorted guitar bands. Musically, I’m inspired by Mike Kerr’s roaring face-melting lead bass (Royal Blood) and Mike Dirnt’s ability to play bass lines that let the bass shine and have its moment (Green Day). But performance wise the best gig for me was watching Skindred at Rock City and of course being part of the famous Newport Helicopter.

R: (Ryan) Anyone who knows me who’s reading this will call me a liar if I don’t mention My Chemical Romance.

L.D: Fave Beeston hang out?

R: Anywhere that does a decent pint of Guinness.

A: I’ve started to like pale ales and I.P.A.s so I’ve grown more fond of The Crown and The Star for their selection. I do feel with a beard like mine I’m looking a bit like the stereotypical ale drinker though!

L.D: Tell me a secret, I won’t tell anyone…

A: We told the Beat the Streets organiser we had 25 minutes’ worth of material when we applied to play but we could just about play one song at the time. We spent the next few months desperately trying to write more material and luckily, we’ve now got a half decent set list put together.

L.D: Why the animal heads in the single ‘About it All’ music video?

R: Everyone needs a gimmick! I want to say that it represents something really clever but I just wanted to wear a tie and waistcoat with a kangaroo head.

A: And I didn’t wanna be left out!

L.D: Upcoming gigs and plans for the future?

A: We’re looking to have some support slots booked in for this year, hopefully write a few more songs that get aired on BBC Radio again! The ultimate goal would be to play Rock City main stage and have a presence on festival line-ups. We just need some followers @‌kai.oteeband

So, there you have it give them a listen and a follow (not too close mind!) and pop along to their next performance and support local music!

Music | Kai-Otee (bandcamp.com)