by Lulu Davenport

Hey, hey, peoples! I hope all is well in your worlds. I like to try and imagine this column being read over a steaming mug of tea with a chocolate Hobnob to accompany it, followed by the vague inner dialogue of “what the hell is she waffling on about now??” Well let me enlighten you, this one is all about the theme nights. Yes, going ‘out out’ is back (the phrase that made the dictionary after being coined by super funny-man Micky Flanagan). Out out, you know when you leave the house in something other than your pjs, work uniform, or comfies, with the full intention of hitting the shots or jagers at some point in the evening. You know you really shouldn’t say yes, but you’re out out and them rules mean no excuses.

Having nestled myself nicely in at the Rylands neck of the woods and rather a party person, it caught my attention that The Boat and Horses pub on Trent Road was hosting a theme night near the end of July – a Hawaiian party. There was to be fancy dress, prizes, karaoke and cocktails, my kind of shindig!
I headed over with a lei around my neck, clutching an inflatable pink flamingo, and brandishing a sense of chaos as I waved to passers by bewildered at what was going on. The turnout was fabulous, so many people made an effort to win. There was at least two other flamingos there. We tried a few of the cocktails, the Malibu sunset and the Sex on the Beach, but refrained from trying the karaoke, no one needs to hear that. My rendition of Dolly Parton has been described as a banshee being murdered. I fully agree.

All in all the night was rather good, so we headed to the summer’s over school themed night at the start of September. Many there were having a non-uniform day but that didn’t stop us from turning up in an attempt to turn back the clock to our schooldays. Luckily head teacher Jimbo was there to keep us in line. Although there weren’t cocktails this time, we soon made up for it with a few cheeky pints and vodka red bulls. Good job we didn’t have school the next day ha-ha (I really am over 18 I promise)! The cherry on the cake was winning joint best dressed fancy dress which was £30 worth of beer vouchers! Happy days. Master of ceremonies and karoke ringleader Jimbo said “I always enjoyed karaoke and singing, and there was an opportunity to make my own mark on the local pubs karaoke, so we decided to try some themes and some of the locals jumped straight on board with it.”

The Boat and Horses said that ‘The pub is slowly getting back to normality after the Covid experience. We appreciate people may still be anxious. Therefore we are starting off with one karaoke a month. Some of the evenings are being held in the Stables function room to see whether being able to space out makes people more at ease. Singing makes people feel happy, let their hair down. After the past 18 months it is essential for our mental health to do something to raise spirits. There is also a wealth of talent out there, people just love to sing. We try to be inclusive of all abilities, and our aim is to make a friendly environment that everyone can join in, no matter their singing prowess! We enjoy a traditional local pub and would love more Beestonians and Rylands residents to come and try the pub out.”

Fabulous, I am all for getting dressed as something silly and having a good time, which is handy because upcoming is the pirate party. Yarrr! On the 20th November and December 11th and 18th will be Christmas themes, the nights start at 8pm and finish at 12. Beer token prizes for best fancy dress outfit, and starting next year there will be a karaoke competition with a cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and a recording session for 1st as well!