Back in the day, before the time of the T-Rex, cave people and even social media was a thing, I was at school dating a boy. For his birthday he wanted a new release by a new dance band on (wait for it) cassette!!! (Gasp horror, ask ya parents or elders!) I brought said single (from Woolworth’s) popped it in the music system at home and wondered what kind of guy I was actually going out with.

My first impressions veered from, “What on earth was that?” to “Actually I might give it another listen!” The relationship fell into the depths of time as most teenage romances do, but that first love of dance music stayed with me. And while most girls my age screamed about their love for boy bands of the era such as Take That or East 17, I was blasting out ‘Firestarter’ by the Prodigy, reading Mixmag and listening to deep house while trying to sneak into nightclubs.

Other the years my music taste has become a little more diverse as I listened in to weekly shows by John Peel who opened my ears to so many different genres. Eventually, I fell into the mosh pit that is rock music by being constantly exposed to Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory on the communal tape player at college. Now my love for music takes me in many directions and am lucky enough to still attend gigs and events, seeing the very best of today’s bands and music acts.

That said, still in my now slightly darkened heart, beats the music of a youthful clubber yearning for that nostalgic binge of music that instantly transports me back to my heyday, pre-bills, pre-internet, pre-responsibilities. Luckily for me the band that gave me an introduction to electronica are stopping off in my hometown! Wahayy! Result!!!

Now I shall let you in on a little secret, this won’t be the first time I have seen the dance act, in fact I have even seen the original singer Kelly Llorenna at a nineties festival as well. But the chance to dance and wave my arms in the air without the need for costly transport appealed to me very much.

I managed to catch up with the super friendly PR guru for hosts Mecca Bingo, and their Event, Innovation and Experience manager, Melody Munday, for a quick lowdown on the event. Grab a pew and get mega comfy, cuz Lulu’s back tracking down peoples for a light-hearted chat about all things musical.


Hullo and a mighty warm welcome to Beeston Beats, there’s wine in the cooler and bean bags are optional, any bribes of chocolate Hobnobs will of course be taken, could you run past us the event and any details?

PR -On October 6th Mecca Bingo on Queens Road, Beeston is hosting a night of bingo with a twist. From 7pm, Bonkers Bingo will combine the traditional game with the ultimate party experience, including top tunes and dance-offs and a live set from dance floor fillers, N-Trance, famous for 90s hits including rave anthem ‘Set You Free’.

With allocated seating, guests can choose their vantage point when they book. Seats in the premium area, directly in front of the stage, allow revellers to get up close to the action and there’s even the option for a personal meet and greet with N-Trance themselves!

LD- What makes Bonkers Bingo so bonkers from regular bingo?

MM- For a start it’s noisy! It’s regular bingo’s naughty little cousin – wild, whacky, and here to have a good time! There’s the chance to meet genuine dance legends, let your hair down and get your groove on. And the prizes – I mean, who doesn’t need an inflatable unicorn in their life?

LD – Very true! *adds to wish list, both Amazon and Santa.

Are there any more plans for live acts and events on the horizon for good old Beeston?

MM- We’re always looking to develop new and exciting events – watch this space.

LD- Can you come to see N-Trance without playing bingo?

MM-You can arrive early for a game of traditional bingo with cash prizes, but otherwise Bonkers Bingo starts at 7pm and finishes at 10.45pm. Bingo for crazy prizes – cat tongue brush anyone? – is all part of the fun, along with N-Trance and 90s dance floor fillers!

PR- It’s the ultimate party night, Bonkers Bingo promises to be wilder than ever – think crazy dance-offs, wacky prizes and fresh tunes all night. This is bingo as you’ve never seen it before, so bring your best mates and your best moves! expect a fun-filled night of bingo with a twist; including dance-offs that will put the ‘dab’ in dabber!

LD- Love it!! May I say I blagged a goody bag at Nottingham Pride Festival this year including a dabber, pen shades and a keyring, nice one for helping to promote the event!

And finally, are you encouraging and OK with people coming in fancy dress?

MM- The crowd generally dresses up and we really love to see fancy dress – the more the merrier!

LD- Fabulous we shall don our finest rave outfits and glow sticks!

PR- To purchase tickets and find out more, visit:

Guests must be aged 18 years or over and new customers must bring photo ID.

Thank you to Mecca Bingo for the info and a huge “Goodbye” to fellow Beestonian columnist Jan Shipton, all the best in your new ventures:)

Also to Pete Urbz for keeping the column in ship shape for me the last issue.

Important dates for diary

Oxjam- Saturday 14th October -12 hours of live music across 15+ venues with over 100 artists – it’s the musical highlight of the Beeston calendar! Not to mention the infamous silent disco!! Best thing ever!!!