Beeston’s independent spirit shone through again recently, with the setting up of Beeston Cars taxi service.

NG9 Line taxis were taken over at the end of last year by Nottingham behemoth D&G. This worried a lot of NG9 Line customers, who were concerned that they would lose their familiar drivers amongst those from all the other areas of the city.

Many of the those using NG9 Line have mobility problems, and had grown to trust their drivers, who had a good reputation for being reliable, courteous and polite. NG9 Line drivers were also worried about how their regular passengers would fare after the takeover.

Hence the setting up of Beeston Cars, which effectively has replaced NG9 Line with the same drivers. Any new drivers recruited by Beeston Cars must be willing to help and serve customers at all times, not just simply be a driver.

You can book a taxi or minibus from Beeston Cars by calling 0115 929 9757 or 07923 516 374.