As someone who doesn’t often travel to the wonderful town of Beeston, I thought I would take it upon myself to share how this strong community is presented to an outsider. Coming from a small town myself, I understand the importance a community holds. It’s not just about knowing everyone, it’s more the sense of belonging and knowing you have a place to be who you are. That’s what I admire about Beeston, there is something for everyone whether it be strolling down the High Road or browsing the endless menus filled with delicious foods. You may say that every town has shops and cafes, however Beeston has set a standard as their high street is mostly made from thriving independent shops, that all have something special to offer.

I also have to mention the positive promotion of the community projects that demonstrate how connected everyone is. For example the ‘Happy Bench’ which was installed in Beeston Rylands, is an amazing way to get people to talk and build up the confidence to talk to someone new. I myself have met a lot of new people in Beeston and have slowly lifted that confidence barrier to open up more opportunities. The community works hard to preserve history, especially the buildings and architecture. The independent local businesses have continued to grow, adding to the uniqueness of the town.

My favourite places to visit include The Pudding Pantry as they have great food and they have very welcoming staff, I also like to stop by White Rose as they have lots of varied clothing choices that can fit different people’s preferences. I think that their business is a wonderful way to promote recycling clothes, especially when the world is trying to combat the fast fashion industry. Another amazing place is Nosh which is a Japanese cuisine restaurant that adds diversity and authenticity to the High Road and has a friendly atmosphere.

I wanted people that live in Beeston to feel proud of their community and I thought, what better way to do so than from an outsider’s perspective.