Street Art has become one of the ‘sights to see’ in many European cities. With exciting colours and raw energy it has been transforming urban landscapes for decades.

Since Keith Haring’s successful attempt to commercialise art on the streets, tired architecture and boring buildings have been given the wow factor all over the world, some in incredibly creative ways. In 2014 Google launched an online street art gallery to preserve many iconic images, which demonstrates the extent to which its popularity has grown, and how it has come to be recognised as an artform.

You may remember reading on the cover of Issue 51 about the creative discussions that one group of Beestonians were involved in about creating something ‘bright and beautiful’ to enhance the look of our town. According to an update from Jeanie O’Shea, who is one of those driving the project forward, the group have now met with John Delaney who is the Broxtowe estate manager in charge of Beeston Square and the head of planning, Phil Horsefield. Both have been encouraging and keen to listen to their creative proposals.

The artwork will incorporate some of Beeston’s best known characters and symbols of its heritage

There also happens to be budget available for the project and local councillors are making positive noises in their direction too. Montana Colours in Hockley are using their connections to acquire submissions from UK and International Street Artists that will then need approval to secure the funding. It has been suggested that the artwork will incorporate some of Beeston’s best known characters and symbols of its heritage and that it will compliment as well as enhance the current surroundings.


It has been anticipated that the artwork will adorn the wall that extends behind ‘Birds’ and will be visible by people approaching Beeston interchange via Middle Street or Station Road.  With any luck it will cause visitors, or those passing through, to avert their eyes from the concrete and mud jungle that has been left behind since the demolition of the old bus station, whilst the ‘powers that be’ drag their heels in deciding what to do with it.

If everything goes to plan we should be looking at receiving our spray-painted masterpiece as part of a week-long festival next Spring.

Just watch that space!