Bright Lights!

We are still celebrating 50 years of The Beeston Civic Society. In this issue we bring your attention back to two dynamic initiatives that they have devoted their time to. We were reminded how the Beeston Street Art project helped to put Beeston on the ‘Top UK Destinations’ map by this photo collage sent in by reader Anni Jowett.

Who would have thought five years ago that two-day festival in June would have had such a lasting impact!? You will no doubt have already witnessed the marvellous most recent addition of a full-scale woodland mural on The Commercial Inn’s entire exterior – designed and painted by Anna Wheelhouse with support from artists Verna and Kate.

Always inspired by creative ideas, coordinator of the street art project Jeanie O’Shea, also helped to lead us optimistically into 2022 with a festival of light, a warm glow in the never-ending dark days of January. It was something distinctly different for Beeston, it brought the people out into the streets and we Beestonians loved it!

And it’s back!

Pop along to their website for information, plus fabulous photos, and video footage from the first event.


Beeston Light Night – Beeston Civic Society