Many of us see the first few months of a new year as a fresh start, a chance to reset and consider what may be missing from our lives. While I don’t personally subscribe to the ‘new year, new you’ mantra, I like to try new things now and then.

So, it’s a wet January, and I laced up my trainers for the first time in months and went along to have my first go at the new dance craze sweeping the UK, Broadway Boogie! For a bit of background, I used to play roller derby, but after an awful accident and break several years ago, I’ve not really found a sport/activity that suits my level, due to being careful of my now metal-filled leg.

One of the great things about Broadway Boogie is that it’s for people of any level; the classes’ moves and exercises can be altered and adjusted for your level and needs, as they are taught at high and low intensity.

So, being the utter musical theatre lover that I am, I decided one chilly night (I’m pretty sure we were in the minus temps at that point) to head over to a school hall in Beeston Rylands and discover what this new fitness trend is all about. As I write this, I’ve been to five sessions, and I LOVE it. It’s so much fun!

What is Broadway Boogie?
As the excellent instructors Lynsey and Molly explain, Broadway Boogie covers songs from shows on Broadway and the West End. It also sneaks in some tunes from musical-based films, including Disney.

It all started in lockdown, when the founder (Steph Walker) ran a charitable online class, and Lynsey quickly became qualified to teach classes shortly after. Broadway Boogie has been running in Beeston Rylands for just over a year. Lynsey explained that it’s become “a huge community,” and people sometimes attend fitness events and shows together.

Molly has been involved in dance classes since she was a little girl and last year, she also qualified as a Broadway Boogie instructor.

This is a fitness class where a fairly fast-paced 45 minutes of endorphins are released as you dance, sweat, sing, and express yourself, all while learning moves to songs from shows like Grease, Six, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Barbie, and many more well-known songs.

Molly warns that it’s not as ‘cheesy’ as some might expect, and it’s not all jazz hands. The playlist changes every four-six weeks, so you learn new moves and exercise different muscles. As instructor Lynsey says of the newbie fear, “After your first week, you’ll never be that lost again.” She’s right, class by class; I’m finding that I remember more steps and moves as the music pumps into the room each week.

Oh, and the singing is entirely optional.


Who runs it?
Lynsey is a qualified fitness instructor who runs LVN Fitness and has dabbled in and taught every craze going locally over the past few years. From Beats, 90s Clubbercise raves, and Zumba with glow sticks, she’s never loved anything as much as Broadway Boogie.

Molly has been involved in dance classes since she was a little girl and last year, she also qualified as a Broadway Boogie instructor. She began her dance career near Beeston with ballet classes and became a teacher as a teenager. When asked about their favourite musicals, Lynsey and Molly shared:

Lynsey: “Everybody Talking About Jamie is a favourite of mine because the songs and positive messages in the show are fabulous. I like it because my second job is teaching college students, so I can relate.”

Molly: “It has to be Chicago. I love the intensity and skill of the dancing, and I’ve seen it multiple times. I also love Wicked, which unexpectedly made me cry.”

Why try a Broadway Boogie class?
Lynsey believes that Broadway Boogie is for all, saying that “Anyone and everyone, aged 14+, can get involved.” She shared, “It’s great because you don’t have to be a lover of every musical; some people come to a class, hear a track, then go away and find a new favourite soundtrack and show. Plus, if you don’t love a particular song, there will be a new one in a few minutes.”

Molly: “The mental health benefits of any exercise will make you feel better! Especially with musical theatre, where the songs often have so many emotions and feelings behind them, you’re transported into that world for a while.”

Lynsey: “You don’t need any dance experience either; if you’ve got children or teens who are starting to show an interest in musical theatre, then it’s a great activity to try together. We’ve got a few families that join us and love the classes.”

How can you get involved?
Broadway Boogie classes run on Tuesday evenings at Beeston Rylands Junior School (6.15 p.m.–7 p.m.). There’s also a second class each week at Bilborough College on Thursdays, and each session is £5.

To book and see what all the fuss is about, head over to Gymcatch or take a look at social media to learn more.

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Facebook: Move With Mol / LVN Fitness

Quotes from attendees:

Sophie: “I discovered Broadway Boogie in lockdown online, and a friend taught me to be an instructor. I’ve been addicted since!”

Jackie: “It combines all my favourite things, dancing and musicals, I’d
be lost without it in my week now.”