The Beestonian is: Joe Earp – History Editor

The Beestonian’s History Editor Joe Earp has been writing about the history of Beeston and its district for the magazine for just over 5 years now. Joe was a fan of the magazine long before he began writing for them. He regularly picked the magazine up in his Beeston local and noticed that the magazine was lacking in history content. After approaching the team at the magazine they welcomed him with open arms to contribute regular local history articles. Since then the magazine has gone from strength to strength. The future of the magazine looks bright. Joe hopes to keep contributing to the magazine by exploring our local history which he hopes will not only help readers understand our past but also understand our present and future. He also hopes that the history sections in the magazine will only get bigger and better!

The Beestonian is: Scott Bennett – Yorkshireman

Beeston-based Stand-up Comedian Scott Bennett, writes the regular “Yorkshireman Speaks” column, normally from the relative comfort of his shed. Insulated, with three power points, electricity and superfast broadband, it’s been the perfect portal to broadcast his ill thought opinions on society.

Scott has worked as a writer for The Chris Ramsey show on Comedy Central and the BBC News Quiz on Radio 4. As a stand-up he has supported Rob Brydon on his nationwide tour. He also writes and produces his own pilots with his supremely talented wife Jemma. Their mockumentary “Caravan of Love” made the official selection for the Beeston Film Festival in 2018. You can also hear his actual voice on the Scott Bennett Pubcast on Itunes, with some other Beestonian regulars.

He’s an English Comedian of the Year runner up and can be found most weekends slogging up and down the nation’s roads, spreading mirth to places as exotic and as far afield as Hull.

Twitter: @scottbcomedyuk

The Beestonian is: Dan Cullen – The Beest/Design

Having realised at an early age that he wasn’t able to hold down any sort of proper job, Dan was delighted to discover an advert for Graphic Designer in the back of an old Evening Post. He’s been ‘working’ in design ever since and sincerely hopes that no-one catches him. Dan got involved with the Beestonian because he thought it’d be ‘a bit of fun’. He now takes 14 types of medication and looks like Beaker out of the Muppets. This is unrelated.

The Beest is Dan’s inner demon; his dark reflection – a twisted creature that growls from deep in his soul. A bit like trapped wind but, you know, darker and shit.

(PS – check out that photo! That’s TWO pancakes biatches!! BOOM!!! (Yes, they both ended up on the floor but that’s not the point.)

The Beestonian is: Tim Pollard – Robin Hood

Just to be clear, I don’t actually think I’m Robin Hood.

My heroes are James Bond or Captain Kirk but bizarrely Robin Hooding is genuinely my full time job – although it’s more fun than work, meeting incredible people and VIP’s, guiding tours, supporting charities and doing lots of very silly things!

I married my beloved and brilliant wife (and Maid Marian) Dr Sally Pollard in September 2016 but heartbreakingly she died of breast cancer in June 2017, aged just 39 – so these days I concentrate more on bringing up our beautiful four-year old daughter Scarlett than pretending to be a hero – except in Scarlett’s eyes, and now that’s what really counts.

The Beestonian is: Lulu Davenport – Music Editor

The lesser spotted Lulu Bird, seen here in her natural habitat. The Lulu Bird has a diet consisting of chocolate hobnobs, bananas, cookies and an occasional naughty tipple of cider/ beer and quite possibly alcoholic shots.

Her natural surroundings are usually among loud repetitive beats and more commonly sighted at gigs and festivals. Quite commonly heard using the call ‘whoz awwt this wkend then?’

Although she may frequent local festivals from time to time Beeston has become her home and stomping grounds include Pottle of Blues and Totally Tapped. Caution is required, as the Lulu Bird may attack if provoked with silence or a peanut butter kit Kat chunky.

(Please tell me you read that through with David Attenborough narrating, if so you are awesome!!)


The Beestonian is: Daisy Leverington – Motherhood

Daisy had a baby in 2011. She’s still trying to get over it. Daisy doesn’t think she’s entirely adult enough yet, despite being on the wrong side of 35. She wrote for Standard Issue Magazine for 3 years before Matt granted her honourary citizenship of the Isle of Beeston. She is currently trying to type this while her 6 year old asks her whether colour exists. She doesn’t know. She doesn’t feel like she knows much anymore. Daisy tries to be funny on Scott Bennett’s pubcast but is mostly just tired.


The Beestonian is: Christopher Frost – Community and ‘I Am Beeston’ Editor

Beeston born Christopher has been taking photographs and writing articles for the Beestonian for a number of years now.  In fact his photo of the Beeman appeared on the front cover of the very first edition.  Besides writing articles for both the magazine and Facebook page, Christopher looks after the ‘I Am Beeston’ project.  It is now in its third year, and nearly 200 people have talked about themselves, and said why they think Beeston is the best place in the world to live. Christopher can often be seen wandering around the streets of Beeston, in search of his next victim. Sorry, subject.


The Beestonian is: Debra Urbacz – Creative Enthusiast and Editor

If you’ve ever found a butterfly folded from a bus ticket or receipt, the chances are it was probably made by Debra. 

Partly because she likes to spread joy and partly because she’s like some ‘uber-efficient hippy’ who loves to make people smile and who can’t actually sit still unless she’s sewing, doing origami and writing all at the same time with a glass of wine in hand.  Debra came to Beeston to study but now supports creative people and bridges the gap between artful procrastination and showcasing local talent.  She joined the Beestonian team eighteen months ago and this is mainly what she writes about.


The Beestonian is: John Cooper – Optimistic Cynic

Because the realities of life can sometimes be too much, John is most comfortable when subverting them. Sometimes he does this so much he even ends up writing seriously.

Originally from north east England, John has lived in Nottingham since 1995, and Beeston since 2002. He has contributed to the Beestonian for about five years, which have flown by in a blur of spoofs, satire, sarcasm, silliness, and lots of other things beginning with ‘s’.

John says he loves living in Beeston because, “It’s a great place to have a pint, go for a walk, get a good feed, bring up kids, buy things, help each other out, and use one of the many methods of public transport to easily go somewhere else if you really need to.”



The Beestonian is: Christian Fox – Editor

Christian started at the Beestonian when it was just in its teens and Christian his twenties, writing content and generally assisting Matt wherever he could, albeit with the grumpy demeanour of all writers. Fresh out of Uni with an MA in Creative Writing he dedicated his time to helping make the mag, and the Beestonian brand, as great as possible. Eventually, as Matt became more in demand in wider media, Christian took over as editor, but remains quite grumpy.