National Football? (tick)

European Football? (tick)

Excitement? (tick).

I have a question for you, could you name all the teams going? Because I could not.

After much research I could tell you all the things that are going to happen, but I think I’ve wasted my time with all the research because, is anyone going to watch it?

What is it though?

Well according to Google (just joking I know it already) it’s a competition where twenty-four European national teams fight for a trophy which claims them to be the best European national team on the planet.

But is it fun?

Yes, it is! Well, if you like football. In my opinion the feel of the game itself gives you a frenzy of excitement and joy.

The excitement starts as soon as hearing about it on the TV. The passion of the commentators comes to your ears from the speakers and makes you want to hear more about it. And the thrill stays when you hear more. People start talking, rumours start flying about and that builds more excitement.

The joy comes from watching your favourite teams playing. It brings people together on the couch, in the pub and the game itself. Watching the players running about scoring goals just like the kids in the park. And watching your team hopefully winning giving you pride.

So where is it taking place?

Well, it’s in Germany this time. But if you can’t afford to travel to Germany, you could watch it at home. If you don’t have a TV, where could you go? Well, from a reliable source (my dad) I heard that Bartons are playing all the England games. If you’re from a different country or support a different team, you’ll have to go to the pub. Which isn’t that bad if you go to a good pub that is.

To conclude, if you want to, go for it! Invite your friends or family over and switch on BBC or ITV and sink into the fabulous world that is the Euros!

It starts this Friday and full details can be found here!


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