Known for her intricate mixed media collage pieces, an eye-catching gallery of Emily’s work can be seen on display at the Plane Tree. They really need to be examined close up to appreciate the work that goes into each unique piece.

Hand drawn onto slices of waste, recycled or reclaimed wood, she sketches her nature inspired designs in pencil, then in ink, then fills in the space with tiny paper pieces, a bit like a collage version of a paint-by-numbers. Her pieces are often embellished with buttons and shells – occasionally a bit of sparkle – and I love the way that the waney edges of the bark act as a kind of frame.

I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with Emily in her Long Eaton studio this summer, and chat to her about her how an ex-teacher, who evolved into her last role as a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Officer, got involved with running a creative business.

“Doodling!” Emily tells me.

As someone who has been creating all her life really, she recognised that doodling in staff meetings was a great way of helping her to stay focused and remember things. It’s also how she produced some of her first works. Out of a drawer she pulls out a pile of large, collaged pieces from the start of her Pebblepig journey back in autumn 2013, to show me. The large ‘lollipop’ tree was one of the first mixed media pieces that she created.

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