The cheekiest street food cart that you might have seen out and about this summer is the cheery creation of George, who is also a little bit cheeky.

He doesn’t think he has ever met anyone who doesn’t like pancakes and decided that 2020 was the year he introduced mini Dutch pancakes to the Nottingham public, who like the rest of the UK at the moment, could do with something to make them smile.

Made with buckwheat, flour, yeast, milk and eggs poffertjes are perfect plain but can also be enhanced with the addition of appetising sweet or savoury cheese toppings. Served warm, with just a sprinkle of icing sugar and cinnamon they are a tasty and wholesome treat, but with strawberries and chocolate, they are divine. Gluten-free options are available now too, and with outdoor dining the easier option at the moment they are great snacks to catch while you are on the go.

When I cycled over to the Sunday market a couple of weeks ago, the sun was already overhead warming the happy chattering queues of people waiting eagerly at the selection of food carts.

My goal was a late breakfast snack, a deliciously filling and sweet Sunday treat, I had heard that a new stand called Cheeky Pancakes would be there so looked out for the sunny marquee with the happy pancake logo I had seen somewhere on Facebook.

It wasn’t hard to spot over in the corner, citrus orange with a honey yellow cart and the aroma of warm batter floating over the heads of the people in line. Intrigued I joined the back of the line and pondered my topping and sauce choices, my belly growling with anticipation as I got closer to the front.

I chose the chocolate and banana option and wasn’t disappointed. Fresh and filling, those ten little poffertjes might not look much, but they satisfied my hunger. For those with a bigger appetite, I can recommend getting yourself an extra portion, it can help with indecision too – so many delicious toppings!

You can grab your tray of Cheeky Pancakes from George’s ‘cheeky chariot’ at a variety of venues around Nottingham. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram or check out his website for dates and specific locations. Cheeky Pancakes are also available to hire for private functions and corporate events.

Visit Cheeky Pancakes website here or email: