Thanks to the research work conducted by Beeston Extinction Rebellion there is more information about air quality in our town and how it can affect our daily lives.

The group focuses on raising awareness about this increasing issue by asking members of the public to check the air quality of their street through the use of their postcode. It is important to check these levels as it gives insight to how poor air quality may be affecting you, and explains some complications that it brings.

Some of the major effects of increased air pollution include: asthma, heart issues and respiratory issues. I have personally dealt with the harsh effects of air pollution as I get bad skin reactions flaring up whenever I travel to highly polluted areas. For example, recently I travelled to New York and London, my skin broke out leaving me with a huge insecurity.

This also made me realise the harsh effects of air pollution, understanding how important it is to make sure that the levels are kept low. Air pollution doesn’t just affect our bodies, it also affects the environment around us, contributing to the changing climate that has wreaked havoc on our planet.

The group have also measured the local air of Broxtowe Borough, and have calculated that it is 7.5- 9.5 this is extremely high. Due to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, action was to be taken when these levels are higher than 10.

However with climate issues rising and people’s health being impacted WHO recently revised their decisions and have now lowered the number to 5. Showing how urgent action needs to be taken by local councils to monitor these levels.

Beestonian Daniel Wright, who is part of the Beeston Extinction Rebellion had checked his own postcode, as he was concerned for the health of his family. He found that pollution levels on his street were scarily high. This has led him to advocate for cleaner air, and look to work with schools to raise awareness about the effects and the impacts of polluted air, also trying to reach out to the members of the public to try and lower the pollution levels around Beeston.

They have done this through protesting in creative ways such as their ‘Sit Down For the Climate’ campaign on the High Road, as well as using the topic of air pollution to create a breathtaking art piece.

Traffic signs were used to warn onlookers about the climate crisis. Giving residents an insight into the future, if this issue is not resolved then the streets will be filled with more warning signs to encourage us to take action.

Check the air pollution levels where you live.