“I was born in the QMC. My mum Debbie was born in Germany and worked for Broxtowe Council until about 21 years ago, when my sister was born. My dad Jeff had loads of different jobs until the current one, which he has been in for 25 years. I can’t explain exactly what he does, but I know he works with servers for the university students. I lived in Chilwell before moving to Stapleford about seven years ago to live with my partner John”.

“Local people are very kind and friendly and are always willing to help others out if they need any help with shopping or anything like that. A good example of this is when we saw Sandiacre apartments on fire a few years ago. Loads of people gathered around to help those who lived there with loads of essentials that they needed as they had lost them in the fire”.

“I like visiting all the charity shops in Beeston. I haven’t had time to check out the new cinema yet. I have been in to ask questions, but not actually seen any movies. But what I have seen is that the cinema is brilliant and in a very good location. I used to go for a walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve, with my dad when I was younger. He’s my rock, and has always supported my choices and has always backed me all the way”.

“I’ve written four short stories so far. Two are about Jack the Ripper, as I watched loads of documentaries of him and read up about him. It took me a few months to write. I had some help from this lovely lady called Angela who is also a publisher, but she writes kids stories. My third is about the Krays called ‘Broken Families’, and my latest one is about Pearl Harbour. I sell them through Amazon. I haven’t done any writing courses, but I have been thinking of expanding my knowledge if I can find the right sort of course for me”.