“I was born in the North Pole, but moved to Beeston many, many years ago, as the cold weather was making my bones ache too much, and the area’s warmer weather suited me better. Mrs Claus prefers it too. If even to get the washing dried quicker.”

“Beeston people are particularly lovely, especially at Christmas, when I visit their homes, and they leave all sorts of goodies out for me, the reindeer, and the elves. Rudolph is particularly fond of mushy peas. He likes them so much, that I’m surprised his red nose hasn’t turned green by now.”

“Talking of the reindeer. I do like to take them to Wollaton Park, so they can stretch their legs and meet up with the local deer for a chat and a graze. I think they are a bit jealous of Blitzen etc, as they can’t fly. They just run around a bit and dodge the golf balls”.

“Beeston has a good range of independent shops. So, there’s plenty of choice for when I go looking for gifts for people, from the lists that I get sent. Which I always have to check twice, as my eyesight isn’t what it was. My elves are all very talented, but unfortunately there’s some things that even they can’t make, but I can usually find them in a shop close by”.

“When I’m not wearing my red cloak, hat, and black boots, I like to go for a drink at the many local pubs or take Mrs C for a meal at any of the excellent cafes and restaurants that Beeston has. I’d rather not name any, as they are all very good. And so much choice. We do have our favourite though”.

“There’s good transport links here, should Mrs C and I want to go travelling. We quite enjoy using the tram, but you can’t beat nine reindeer and a sleigh travelling silently though the air. We can be in Derbyshire in only a few minutes, enjoying a Bakewell tart and a pot of tea at a local café”.

“On the whole we love living in Beeston. It’s a friendly place, convenient and has just about everything we need. I don’t think we would want to live anywhere else”.

Santa Jolly was helped in this article by Melvyn Rawlinson, the Santa in the Aldi Kevin the Carrot advert