A new mural for NG9

The latest attraction at Attenborough Station is a mural alongside Platform 1. This adds to the over 50 pieces of street art in Beeston and the surrounding area and the 25 planters on the platforms. The mural has now been completed, despite the need to stop and start throughout the period of inclement wet weather.

The mural itself has been painted by the artiest Elliott Caine who has carried out similar projects locally and it features some of the main attractions of the village – the Nature Reserve and Centre and the Norman Church whose steeple can be seen from miles around. It also shows a Midlands Rail train in its original livery with 1864, the date the station was built. We hope it will encourage more people to come by train to see the village, its nationally listed buildings, the conservation areas and all the reserve offers.

There was an official opening of the mural at 11am on Friday 29th March 2024, to formally open the mural and celebrate its completion.

A bit of background

The volunteers at Attenborough Station, the Attenborough Elderflowers, was an off-shoot of the local gardening club in 2017. In 2018 thirteen planters made from recycled materials and made by volunteers were installed on Platform 1 to Nottingham. In 2018 a dozen planters and a topiary station master were installed on Platform 2 where trains go to Derby and Leicester.

Since then each planter has been tended by a volunteer and the platforms are blooming. In 2019 storyboards giving the history of the village and station were added and a bug hotel installed. There is no water tap on the station but some water runoff from the pedestrian bridge is captured in butts which soon empty in summer – many of the volunteers take water from their homes to the planters.  

Many passengers, station users (often young people with parents watching the trains go by), rail staff and even railway police have complemented the Elderflowers on their continuing efforts. Funding has been from various sources including the national lottery, local people and businesses, the County and Borough Councils and East Midlands Railway.

For further information please contact Gary Smerdon-White