Back in October, the Beeston Street Art Group launched a competition through the Beestonian and Beeston Updated Facebook pages, to produce a picture of your pet. Here is an updated version of that article, as there has been a couple of amendments.

The renowned and much-missed pet store Pet Mart are looking to return to Beeston in 2021 with help from Beeston Street Art. Sadly not as a physical store though, but its spirit and love of all things animal, as the Beeston Street Art group would like to invite children of all ages to paint a life-sized pet. The artworks will then be placed around Beeston in the new year for a pet hunt.

Once the street art group find a suitable wall, this will be transformed into a mural of the famous shop by Nottingham based top street artist Anna Wheelhouse, whose work can be seen at the Hocus Pocus soft play centre in Beeston and on the totem poles at Attenborough Nature Reserve. All the pictures will be judged and the best ones will be reproduced as part of this mural.

So get those paints and brushes out and get creating. The closing date has been extended to January the 4th next year, so you have more time to produce a picture of your pet, or friends’ pet if you don’t have one. The emphasis is on pets, so animals like elephants, dolphins and penguins aren’t really allowed unless you own a zoo, or it was possibly sold by Pet Mart.

If you are able, you can scan or take a mobile phone photo of your picture and email it to Or if you’d prefer, you can send or deliver it to Pet Mart Art, c/o 108 Denison Street, Beeston NG9 1DQ.