Ever thought about reclaiming yourself? In this edition of our well-being column, we introduce you to the transformative journey curated by Nick Edgar and Jess Frost, the visionary minds behind The 3E Space. Dive into their story, as they invite you to connect with them on the path to holistic well-being.

Their narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a foundation in Psychology and Counselling Skills, evolving into a fervent passion for coaching during the challenges of the pandemic lockdown. The 3E Space, born in early 2021, has grown from providing 1:1 coaching to offering group empowerment programs and services tailored for teams and organisations.

At the heart of The 3E Space lies a human-centred and highly intuitive approach. Nick and Jess meticulously select transformative tools such as coaching, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, EFT Tapping, Breathwork, and Leadership, crafting a personalised journey to meet your unique goals and aspirations. Immerse yourself in their world as they showcase the power of ongoing training and professional development, ensuring they stay at the forefront of transformative practices within the well-being and healing spaces.

Recently adding Breathwork to their toolkit, The 3E Space offers a holistic approach, enriching the possibilities for personal and organisational transformation. Affiliated with Josh Connolly, a leader in the healing and resilience space, Nick and Jess extend their reach globally, providing coaching and Breathwork services to communities worldwide.

Nick’s personal journey of overcoming mental and emotional health struggles fuels his passion to create safe spaces for others—spaces he wished for during his own challenging times. Jess, inspired by her experience caretaking for a parent with mental health challenges, underscores the power of vulnerability and strength in asking for help. Together, they form a dynamic partnership committed to being pillars of support for those seeking positive change.

As we celebrate their achievements, Nick and Jess extend an invitation to join the ranks of the hundreds they have supported globally, empowering individuals to recognise their worth and potential.

Looking ahead, The 3E Space envisions a world where everyone knows their worth and potential. Explore their transformative tools for holistic health, making them as accessible as possible. Connect with them on a local level, as they spread awareness of their services and provide support whenever needed. Long term, they aspire to contribute to the widespread recognition of coaching and mental health support, offering training for those eager to be of service to others.

To connect with Nick and Jess, visit their website (www.the3espace.com) and book a free introductory call. Reach out via email at contact@the3espace.com or through their social media platforms on Instagram (@the_3e_space , @‌iamjessfrost, and @‌nickedgarcoaching), Facebook (@the3espace ), and LinkedIn (@the_3e_space ).

In a special invitation, The 3E Space welcomes you to join them at Bliss Yoga and Wellbeing in Beeston on Saturday, January 6th, 2024, for a New Year goal-setting workshop and Breathwork session from 10 am to 12:30 pm. Secure your spot by booking via the website www.the3espace.com.

Reclaim yourself!