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Let Us Spray

As the months roll by since the vast swathe of space between the Square and Middle Street was razed, speculation on what would rise from the rubble has been rife.

Sadly, the Phase 2 Space (as it is known) has still not attracted a developer, despite oodles of council cash being splashed on consultants.

Anyone arriving by bus or tram therefore gets a poor aspect of Beeston when approaching: much like the pre-Tesco wilderness that once blighted the space opposite less than a decade ago. It’s not a good look and leads to a vicious circle: if the area looks run-down, it’s unlikely to find a developer. If it can’t find a developer, it will look more run down. And so on.

We hope to transform the area with vibrant street artwork, perhaps depicting famous Beestonians mingling among the old town centre buildings

We therefore were cheered by the innovation recently shown by a bunch of Beestonians, who banded together and put forward a proposal to give the drab parts of Beeston a boost with street art – creating murals across the bits of Beeston that do not reflect the vibrancy and strangeness within: think the wall running down Phase 2; the ‘Birds’ wall on Station Road, etc. Jeanie O’Shea, one of the project’s initiators, said:

“We hope to transform the area with vibrant street artwork, perhaps depicting famous Beestonians mingling among the old town centre buildings that were demolished for the current 70’s structures, or similar.  There are great possibilities”

They’ve been brainstorming ideas for some time, taking inspiration from Bristol, Nottingham’s Lace Market and numerous other places. What would suit us, bearing in mind this is Broxtowe, not the Bronx?  To make it happen they need YOUR support. The Beestonian is very happy to give their support to this innovative, low cost idea: you can too by going onto Facebook, joining the group ‘Beeston Street Art Festival’ and becoming part of the debate.

Let’s paint the town red. And if we can afford another spray can, some other colours.

University Of Beestonia

Although we’ve had little chance to share it with you over the last 18 months (our consultants suggested an Overstreet and Schlitz approach to communications recently) it’s been a busy time at the University of Beestonia. 

It’s a challenging time for the industry and it’s important we are correctly positioned to make the most of the opportunities on the horizon as we move forward. We’ve therefore been working hard to ensure The University of Beestonia can continue to lead both nationally and internationally in the coming decade.

Re-imagining and re-imaging not only what our University is but what it should be in the 21st century is a real challenge. We are now constrained by REF, TEF, increasing internationalisation, BREXIT, white papers asking for more with less… to name but a few. This means there is no one clear path and our institutional and individual ability to understand wtf is going on has been stretched to and beyond breaking point.

We are not the only institution harmed by the post-truth (i.e. bullshit) narrative and the 2016 fad for demonising the expert. However, what this trend has highlighted is that saying nothing at all does not say it best (we sacked those consultants, despite any evidence to the contrary in these short paragraphs). We need to say it more, say it better, say it louder and say it backed up with facts (pre-post-truth) and years of experience in what we are talking about. Once we’ve worked out what it is we’ll let you know, but fear not, we have lots of experts working on it.

Here at the University of Beestonia we aim to spend 2017 looking for the solutions and not pointing out more of the problems (it might be another quiet year from us!). We’d love to hear from you about what you want from your university so please do get in touch (thebeestonian@gmail.com) and we’ll read your ideas before ignoring them :p