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Beeston Highlights of 2017

We asked the users of Beeston Updated what their Beeston highlights of 2017 were:

“The highlight for me are the collection of 2017 highlights produced by this group.” – John M

“This was our first proper summer living in Beeston and the Beeston beach was a highlight for my boys! They loved it…in fact my little boy still points to the area and tells/signs to me it’s ‘gone’.” – Laura L

“The reopening of Beeston library. Fantastic job. All should use it.” – Jackie S

“The Awesome wrestling shows that happen at the Shed every month. Pushing 400 people every month now and they are CRAZY!!! :)” – Paul G

“Last Tuesday, I had a really good boiled egg.” – John C

“Oxjam, and Bartons putting events on again.” – Sophie O

“Totally Tapped opening!” – Louise S

“The bringing of our Community together at this year’s 12th BEESTON CARNIVAL. Big thanks to all that make this annual event possible! XX” – Lynda L

“The Proms in the Park fireworks bang outside our kitchen balcony were a pure joy moment for me. And the Canal Heritage Centre. I love the restoration and new life of an old building, the great community spirit surrounding it, the sense of history…” – Sarah G


What are we most looking forward to in Beeston this summer?

We took a selection of responses from the Facebook page Beeston Updated

Natalie F:

The reopening of the library

Judy S:

That Broadgate Park won the most votes at Tesco’s and are able to further update the children’s play area

Jon V:

Taking the tram to an interview

Naomi A:

Sitting outside The Crown, The Star or The Vic watching the fascinating people of Beeston with a cold pint of cider!

Christopher F:

No rain (if we’re lucky)

Demelza B:

Experiencing my first summer in Beeston and looking forward to seeing this new library everyone is talking about

Terri O:

The Star beer garden, the Crown beer garden, the Hop Poles beer garden and maybe the White Lions beer garden… There is a theme here!!

Laura R:

Beeston carnival

Jayne D:

No Christmas tree in the square….ooh hang on

Barbara S:

The opening of the Canalside Heritage Centre. It looks as if this will be a great asset to the Rylands and the local area

Jackie E:

The sun