Despite the ongoing problems caused by the global lurgy, one Beeston lad has been determined to continue with his dream of interviewing people for his podcast company: ‘The Backboard Podcast’.

So the tables were turned when I sent Jamie Martin a list of questions about himself and his podcast idea. Firstly I asked Jamie a bit about himself and his background.

“I’m 15 and have lived in Beeston all of my life. I’ve always had an interest in helping others and gaining knowledge from them. Also seeing their perspectives on life, and opinions on certain subjects. I’ve been quite lucky to have a family so supportive, as I’m sure they are sick of me asking questions and rambling on about things. I have siblings, but they don’t have an interest in podcasting – my younger brother is definitely a football man. So am I actually, but just not as passionate as him. My mum is the MD of the Victoria Hotel in Beeston and my dad is a painter and decorator.

“This year I was meant to be going to Cambodia to help build a school, but sadly it was cancelled due to the pandemic. So for me, setting goals and achieving them is one of my main characteristics, and going to Cambodia was one of them, and next year I will achieve that goal. Talking of goals, I enjoy playing as a defender for my football team, The Attenborough Colts on a Saturday. I’ve been there since 2012.

“I started the podcasts because I was feeling a bit anxious about lockdown and realised that so many millions of others felt the same, and so I wanted to bring them some positivity and try to share my opinions and knowledge”.

Jamie’s first podcast was done on the 27th March and featured Beeston’s own Kingdom Rapper, aka Benjamin Whiteman. In the 25 minute interview, Benjamin talks about his life, music and religious beliefs.

“I see Kingdom Rapper as a great influence for the young in Beeston, as he has had bad experiences with drugs etc during his younger years, and he now spreads awareness through music. He is also a great friend and is definitely a local celebrity with an inspiring story”.

“He was doubted and criticised by his heroes, but he produced positives out of the negatives and is going to change our planet”.

I wanted to find out about Jamie’s interest in business and whether he has any business heroes, despite his young age.

“I’ve always had an interest in business. My late grandad was Neil Kelso, who was the owner of the Victoria Hotel. He introduced me into the business world and seeing him work as hard as he could and be rewarded for his hard work motivated me to do the same. As for me, it would be Elon Musk of Tesla cars fame. He was the child of divorced parents in South Africa and started coding. He sold his first game for $500 and went on to create PayPal and sell it for $1bn.

“He was criticised for his failure in the early years of SpaceX of which many of his first launches failed, but after many tries, he succeeded. This taught me the valuable lesson that I should never give up and that I should always stay humble, but ambitious. He was doubted and criticised by his heroes, but he produced positives out of the negatives and is going to change our planet”.

Being an interviewer, I wondered if Jamie had an interviewer that he admired or followed.

Well, for sure, it would be Louis Theroux. He’s an extremely intelligent man, who is always asking questions and developing his knowledge on subjects further and further and sharing what he has seen and questioned with the public. So he might not be necessarily a radio interviewer, but he asks many questions and interviews interesting people”.

Finally, I wondered if there was anyone in Beeston that Jamie would love to interview.

“Basically, everyone. For me, Beeston can’t be put into a specific person that I’d like to interview. The community is so inviting and the businesses in the heart of Beeston, are mostly family-run. They all hold their own unique touch. Hence that’s why I love Beeston. So the short answer is no because simply, I want to interview everyone!”.

Recently Jamie invested in some new recording equipment and has created his own studio, rather than using his bedroom. It’s in an old office formerly used by Castle Rock at the Victoria Hotel. 

“It’s been unused for over a decade, and I’ve completely renovated it.”

Being a web-based platform, I asked about viewing figures, and whether Jamie knew how many the broadcasts get.

“I do. We are close to 700 people to have listened to our podcasts. 27% of them live abroad, from New Guinea to Bangladesh and the USA to Peru. We have viewers in every continent except Africa for some reason, but I’m sure we will the more episodes I make. I’ve just created a tee-shirt, just to see if anyone would be interested in one. Not necessarily to make a profit, just to test the waters. So far I’ve sold 15”.

If you want to listen to the podcasts that Jamie has produced then visit his Facebook page or through the Internet platform