Beeston Memory Café, which offers support to people with dementia and their carers, meets weekly at The Middle Street Resource Centre from 2 – 4 pm. We started the New Year in January 2022, determined to resume ‘as normal’ after the disruption of the pandemic. This had meant no meetings at The Middle Street Resource Centre for a time and a period when communications were continued in various ways with those who had attended the sessions. As soon as meetings could be held in a limited way a rota was established and people attended once every 2 weeks.

On January 6th 2022, the first open meeting was held and weekly meetings were held all year. There is a pattern. On the first Thursday pupils from John Clifford come and play table games for an hour with the guests. Relaxation Therapy by 3 ladies is available on both the first and third Thursdays. On the second Thursday the carers are able to have an hour together while Mary Hastings leads singing for those with dementia, supported by our volunteers. The third and fourth Thursdays are usually led by visiting individuals and groups.

These can include entertainment, exercise, craft etc. and it is good that people with dementia can feel involved in what is provided. This picture was taken when the Attenborough Bell Ringers came to Middle Street to do a demonstration of their skills. 

There are also some ‘special’ sessions, so in July there was a Garden Party, in September Memory Café celebrated its 8th birthday and in December there was both a Christmas Party and a New Year’s Eve Party.

Picture shows the dancing at the New Year’s Eve Party Celebrations 

All of this is not possible without the support which is given in various ways. Financially there is a grant from Nottinghamshire County Council and we receive donations in memory of guests and from local groups who recognise what Memory Café offers. For our ‘special’ occasions there is also good support from local businesses in the form of food and raffle prizes.

Beeston Memory Café relies very much on its Trustees and Volunteers who are all dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience to all who come and also act as a provider of good advice, particularly to new carers as they come to terms with the situation. We are particularly keen to increase our volunteer numbers. This would suit someone who has had personal experience of caring for someone with dementia or is interested in it. Volunteers need to be over 18 years old. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Beeston Memory Café, either because you are a carer or interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us on 07846 403342 or email The website is

Colin Firbank – Secretary of Beeston Dementia Friends