by Janet Barnes and Naomi Robinson

In the Rylands we have our very own superheroes, the Glamour Girls.

Their base looks like a humble hairdressers / beauty salon, but once you dig beneath the surface you realise its so much more. “The Transformer,” otherwise known as Tracy, owns Glamour and spreads beauty throughout the Rylands.

“The Magician,” otherwise known as Maddie, has the power to “bring you in, fix you up and send you back out refreshed to face the world”. Lisa, Sue, Kerry and Tracey’s daughters Danielle and Paige “The Terrific Trimmers” make up the intrepid team.

Glamour has its transformation head quarters on Meadow Road. The superheroes go above and beyond that of hair and beauty experts, taking care not only of your external appearance, and also your less visible inner wellbeing. Not only can you get a new hair cut, a pedicure, manicure, or a back massage, you also get talking therapy right on your door step.

“Tracy The Transformer” explains: “I opened Glamour during the recession of 2009 and I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I’ve had from Rylands folk. Clients pop in just for a chat and a coffee”. She continued, “during lockdown our elderly customers struggled to get in, but since the restrictions have lifted, I’ve rung them and told them we need them back in. Sometimes picking them up to get their confidence back. I am grateful for all my Rylands family”.

Freda, 71, says “Maddie is lovely. She always boosts your confidence and tells you you have great natural hair. I think I look like a zebra and she says its like natural highlights. I always feel much better for going”.

You get a warm welcome, even if due to COVID restrictions you’re sat outside on their patio chairs waiting for the magic to happen.

With their weapons of scissors, hair dryers and nail polish the transformers use their powers to blend modern techniques with traditional values catering for all customers young and old. When you drop by, you might see an elderly resident being energised through the power of a pedicure, or a damsel with hair distress getting a well needed emergency boost of confidence through the power of a new hair style.

Dave, 92, said “I go to Glamour for a pedicure every 5 weeks, Tracey sorts my toes out and tells me to run home with my new feet. I have macular degeneration & can’t trust myself to cut my own toenails. Sometimes there’s so much laughter and banter, especially when Maddie’s in, but I always leave with happy feet!”

We salute you Glamour Girls – keep using your powers for good, keeping the Rylands happy and revived inside and out.