A Creative Oasis for Wellbeing in Our Community

Step into a world where self-care transcends scented candles and fluffy socks, where creativity meets social theory, and where positive, lifelong changes blossom.

Welcome to Thortify, a creative organisation that emerged from their first formal project in the spring of 2022, a beacon of inspiration after the tumultuous waves of the pandemic. 

Picture this: an online community hub where the therapeutic power of art and social theory converge, where the concept of self care is redefined beyond commercial trends. Thortify was never just a project; it is an idea unleashed, a dream that found life through the passion of its founders, their creative endeavours during lockdown, and the spirit of collaboration.

During the pandemic’s upheaval, Thortify became an escape from the lockdown mindset, a space to reconnect with creativity. The founders Lauren Hunt, Debra Urbacz and Gloria Lowe embarked on a journey to discover ‘The Art of Self Care.’ This initiative perfectly aligned with the Art Council’s ‘Let’s Create’ strategy, aiming to spark conversations about wellbeing through the universal language of creativity.

Thortify sends a gentle reminder that everyone can be an artist of their own well-being. It’s an invitation to prioritise self care in the ‘new normal,’ offering a haven where the community can explore, express, and connect. The project’s main goals were ambitious— to produce three self-care workbooks grounded in social theory, each inspired by a unique work of art created by local and international artists and commissioned by Thortify. Not only were these goals achieved, but the impact of the project far surpassed expectations, reaching a broad audience of over 30,000 website visitors and over 100 participants through in person events/workshops. 

The heart of Thortify lies in unexpected pride points: heartfelt feedback from those who found solace in the workbooks and the unexpected partnerships with Nottingham Trent University, the University of Nottingham, Middle Street Resource Centre and the Beeston Women’s Group, enriching the community’s heritage through art.

As we welcome Thortify to our community, we invite you to join a movement that extends beyond the digital realm. Thortify envisions a future filled with more self-care resources, creative workshops, and art-making endeavors. The founders are diligently working to establish Thortify as a charity, solidifying their commitment to championing creativity’s vital role in well-being.

Visit www.thortify.com to download the self care workbooks and find out more.