Smart move
Dog groomers Smartypaws have opened up a second salon near Broadgate Park. The original one on Chilwell Road has been so successful, expanding the business is the only way to keep up with demand. The new salon was formerly a taxi office, and before that, the legendary/infamous Barrel Wine Bar.

Perilicious, another mouth-watering food outlet has opened, in what used to be Yarn. As well as peri-peri chicken, they offer burgers, wraps, kebabs, wings, salads, and loads of other tasty stuff. Contrary to the claim made by some wag overheard in a local pub, it has nothing to do with delicious periwinkles, periscopes or perineums.

Fitting tribute
The latest artwork in Beeston has recently appeared on the front of The Cricketers. The mural of remembrance was created by Anna Wheelhouse, who is responsible for lots of other amazing art, including the woodland scene around The Commercial.

It’s a wrap
Artigiani Pizza has sadly closed, but replacing it will be Beeston Shawarma. We are looking forward to trying the new menu.

Public toilet update – there have been reports of workies popping in and out of the site on occasion, but still no inkling of when they will be open for business.