There’s always something changing in Beeston – go away for a romantic weekend in Skeggy, and by the time you’ve come back all sorts will have happened. Here’s the latest update.

We all scream for ice cream
Beeston is the first place outside Yorkshire to have a Rassam’s Creamery, bringing plenty more colour to one of the units under the cinema. Has been very popular since it opened, even during chilly weather.

Time for a brows(e)
There’s been brilliant street art everywhere in Beeston for some time now, and now there is a gallery! One for eyebrows though. In what used to be Barnsdale’s/Dawson’s butchers, next door to another confusingly named shop.

Slow movement
The highly anticipated public conveniences are slowly taking shape, but still not open for ‘business’ yet. There has been much talk about the length of time the job has taken, the excuse being that the building materials used are bog standard.

You can’t bank on it
Nat West bank closed their doors at the end of January, and all manner of interesting stuff has been removed from it, particularly the safes. One thing is for certain – you won’t be able to get any cash out of this hole in the wall.