The Beestonian celebrated its ten year anniversary just before Christmas. And what better way to commemorate 10 YEARS of this wonderful magazine, than to round up 10 of our Beeston creatives to mark the occasion. Creativity comes in many forms, as do celebrations, which I hope to have illustrated in the diverse choice of images. There were of course so many to choose from!

Art and creativity really does enrich our lives, so it has always felt right to honour all of the fabulous artists and makers in our town, as well as those that facilitate some of the public art for us to enjoy. The Beeston Street Art initiative definitely deserves a mention. Without Jeanie’s enthusiasm and tenacity it would not have grown into the blaze of colour that burns bright and has sparked attractive additions, some of which are being planned for the new year.

Our marvellous homegrown ABC Art Trail seems set to only embed itself further within our vibrant community, and in addition to this we are also lucky to have some of the best small creative business and family run independents. We have featured many of them in past issues, celebrating some of their milestones with them and looking forward to writing about many more. It was always going to be a challenge deciding who should be the featured artist for this issue, so instead I have compiled a selection of 10 pieces of local creatives work that represent a celebration of some kind.

The Creative Beeston column was first published in early 2018, and hopefully has highlighted just how many artistically talented people live right here in our town. It’s been a real privilege to spend time chatting to so many inspirational people over the years. I love all things creative and any opportunity to chat to someone about their craft has been welcome, particularly more recently when the world has looked a little bleak at times.

Never has it been a better time to enjoy art for the sheer pleasure it can bring and have the ability to explore our emotions through creativity. As someone who truly believes that everyone has the potential to be creative, if you think you are not then you just haven’t found your ‘thing’ yet, it genuinely is good for the soul. If I am not creating myself, I am encouraging or appreciating the work of others – it’s all life affirming stuff!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with The Beestonian team so far, a diverse bunch with a range of talents that extend well beyond their writing abilities. It’s exciting to see how far the magazine has come and what can be achieved in the future. One thing’s for sure, we can all look back with pride over that past decade and say, “we created that!”


*cover image is of a hen party jewellery making session with Cyrilyn Silver