Do you dream of being a writer? Are you aged 11-16?

Well now… here is your chance to get something published in Beeston’s own esteemed community magazine The Beestonian!

The Beestonian already has a team of dedicated and experienced writers but we always welcome writing from other writers too. We mainly write about how brilliant Beeston is and what wonderfully interesting people live and work here, but for the next issue we are looking for something a bit different.

And this is where you can help us…

We would like our spring issue to contain some creative writing, a short story or some poetry, perhaps a playscript that we could perform in Beeston Square, you choose what you think you would do best at.


Use your imagination! Maybe there’s an old house that you walk past on your way to school that you have always felt it haunted. Perhaps you have a funny tale to tell about something that happened to you, or you want to write a poem that captures a special place, person, or moment in time.


·       250 – 1000 words

·       It should mention Beeston at least once

·       Your work is edited for spelling and grammar mistakes

·       It must be your own work


Our writers fear them, and they come up quickly!

We know the word ‘deadline’ sounds a little threatening, but we need to have them so that our magazine can go out on time.

Please email your typed piece of writing to us

No later than December 31st 2023 to be considered for publication.

We look forward to receiving your entries!